Duplex Apartment Reconstruction and Combination – New York, NY

Currently functioning as a Co-op, 300 Central Park West is a landmarked property.

Taurino joined two vertically separate 1930s apartments with a new, internal staircase and completely renovated both floors into one harmonious, contemporary design, complete with new fixtures and appliances.    

The project required the careful restoration of plaster walls and moldings and the addition of newly plaster-crafted walls and ceilings to match the the vintage style. 

The building’s management and neighboring tenants were pleased with Taurino’s hands-on management, respectful demeanor, and close attention to detail while working in an occupied building. 

Project Details

Location“The Eldorado” 300 Central Park West, New York, NY
Size5,000 sf 
StatusCompleted 2017 
Design TeamCTA Architects, Architect, Collado Engineering, Alexandria Angle Interior Design, Robert Silman Associates 
Services PerformedGeneral Contractor completed Project in 9 months

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