Co-Working Spaces, A Shared Office Option

The Incubator of Todays Best New Businesses

New York City is currently witnessing and embracing changes in the way start-up companies begin and the resources that they require to become relevant and competitive quickly.  Every start-up business requires customers, so attracting them should be the critical first step.  Through advances in technology and now the advent of “Co-Working” facilities, entrepreneurial companies can focus on the quest for clients and leave the headaches of yesteryear behind.  It is no longer necessary to make long term commitments on office space and furnishings without knowing the full demands and potential growth of a new business.  The shared office allows companies to take short term space with flexible time commitments; coupled with modern technology, the entrepreneur can focus directly on acquiring clients and developing a better understanding of their long term needs. Taurino Management, Inc., a Construction Management and General Contracting Company has supervised the construction of and built “Shared Offices” and “Co-Working” in New York.

The shared office not only provides reasonable and flexible costs but also provides small companies access to likeminded innovative fellow business creators in high energy spaces with plenty of opportunity for collaboration.  The Co-Working space stimulates growth through collaboration and efficiency in an office with all the amenities of full size mature businesses.  The entrepreneur of today can compete more quickly enhancing their chance of success and survival.  Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson describes the benefit of co-working spaces best:

“The main benefits of this kind of setup are camaraderie (small startups can be lonely), knowledge sharing, high energy, culture, and cost sharing. I have heard so many stories of software developers walking to the other side of the office to talk to software developers working for another company to talk about a thorny tech issue. That same thing can happen in finance, legal, bus dev, marketing, product management, really all parts of the business. You can get some of the benefits of scale without being at scale.”

The success of Co-working space in major cities like Manhattan, Chicago and Los Angeles have provided enough evidence for others to begin opening in less urban city centers like Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The hip and contemporary lifestyle of the suburban neighborhoods provide fertile locations for these innovative and youthful startups.  Industry City, the home to the Brooklyn Nets practice facility in the “Training Center” is one of those rejuvenated locations.  It will also be the future home to the next high end Co-Working facility.  Industry City is a 6 Million square-foot 21st Century innovation and manufacturing district situated on the waterfront facing the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan. It is the home to some of New York’s fastest growing sectors including art and design, film and TV, technology, fashion and food.  The opportunity and economic expansion showcased throughout the site makes Industry City a premier location for the next Co-Working business. Smart businesses hire the right people and firms to enable them to get up and running and within budget while maintaining their timeline.  Taurino Management is the right firm led by the right professionals to assure your construction projects success.