Celebrating the Creation of Taurino Management, Inc.

“Setting the New Standard in Construction Management and General Contracting Services”

New York, NY, April 1, 2016 /PRNewswire(or) PRWeb/ – – The virtues and traditions of two New York construction families join to establish Taurino Management, a Construction Management and General Contracting firm that will create the new standard for customer service, quality and reliability.  Christopher Cangemi and Salvatore DeGrotta are committed to build New York’s finest Construction Management Company based on the ideals and experience of the generations of general contracting executives that have come before them. Continue reading

Co-Working Spaces, A Shared Office Option

The Incubator of Todays Best New Businesses

New York City is currently witnessing and embracing changes in the way start-up companies begin and the resources that they require to become relevant and competitive quickly.  Every start-up business requires customers, so attracting them should be the critical first step.  Through advances in technology and now the advent of “Co-Working” facilities, entrepreneurial companies can focus on the quest for clients and leave the headaches of yesteryear behind.  It is no longer necessary to make long term commitments on office space and furnishings without knowing the full demands and potential growth of a new business.  The shared office allows companies to take short term space with flexible time commitments; coupled with modern technology, the entrepreneur can focus directly on acquiring clients and developing a better understanding of their long term needs. Taurino Management, Inc., a Construction Management and General Contracting Company has supervised the construction of and built “Shared Offices” and “Co-Working” in New York. Continue reading